Sunday, January 22, 2012

Attire for winter north and south of the border!

Northwest Dachshund’s winter-
Walking out the door at Barnes & Noble in Seattle, Washington, I saw knee high cherry red rubber boots followed by a brown short-haired dachshund clad in a plaid red & black coat!  What a fashion statement- what a way to be ready for the January 2012 snow/ice storm. Delightful! 


South of the Border Dachshund’s winter-
Strolling down the Malecon—the iconic walkway along the beachfront in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico—I met Carlotto. Also, a brown short-haired dachshund, Carlotto sported a bright pink halter to match his owner’s outfit. Carlotto, very much all male, did not seem to mind the pink. Charming! 

Dressed for the weather due to their owners’ forethought—they however, were happy to be in the moment. As should we!

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