Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hark! What are these creatures coming out of the sea?

Meet 7 yr old Piebald Baxter and 2 yr old bl & tan Luke ruling surf, sand and stones!
More dachshund photos and story after a big announcement!

Looking out the Lodge window this morning I saw two little dachshunds scampering over the beach and across a huge outcrop of boulders. This caught the perfect image and provided me with the opportunity to introduce my new children’s book: A Tall Tale about a short Long Dog (How Dachshunds Came to Be) (you will find out why this image resonates so well with the story when it comes out!)
A.V. Harrison Publishing due out this September (e-book) October (soft cover)

A couple years ago, while vacationing at The Overleaf Lodge in Yachats, Oregon, with my dear friend Edythe from Cottage Grove, we read some fun Tall Tales on our placemats at a local eatery. “Kizzie,” Edythe exclaimed, “this week we will each write our own Tall Tale!”

As the week unfolded, each day more magical than the last, I contemplated how my Tall Tale might reflect the joys of the week. Daily I met new dachshunds and their friendly families, exceptionally low tides exposed fascinating new sea creatures, and for three days a pod of gray humpback whales spouted and skimmed just below the ocean surface within easy viewing.

I completed Edythe’s assignment, both a challenge and a delight. Edythe, this book is dedicated to you in honor of our friendship and may we always keep sight of the joy and whimsy in our lives!

A Tall Tale about a short Long Dog (How Dachshunds Came to Be) is a fanciful tall tale that models collaboration, values community, honors diversity and introduces beach and sea creatures enhanced by colorful illustrations by the creative Seattle artist Scott Ward.

Readers of all ages who relish using their imaginations, love dogs, and the sea will find this the perfect book for their families and as gifts for friends.

Now, back to our two dachshunds that made such a nice segue for the book introduction!
Here is Baxter doing his best to scale the boulder to return to the walking path. Luke is barking instructions.

Last, but certainly not least- here is the rest of the family, Raydeen and Lewis.  They have a great home together in Portland.
Thanks for the early morning visit and I will look forward to your messages on the Blog! Happy travels!

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