Saturday, June 9, 2012

Who Really Runs Nature's Pet Market?

Woof! Arf! Bark, bark! Dachshunds Rudy (five yr. old piebald), Jay (7 yr. old chocolate smooth), and Arlo (2 yr. old wire-hair) ushered us into the shop with their doggie greetings before we even set foot into the store. Talk about a warm welcome! There is no shortage of great customer service in Nature's Pet Market- customers know they are welcome!
Thom and I were in quite a pickle. Our own dachshunds favorite chew bones had been discontinued. It would soon be a crisis in our home... We shared our dilemma with owner, Kevin. Having his three, there was no need for any explanations. He gallantly brought out a box of bones that were his dachsies' favorite and just like in the fairy tale Goldilocks and baby bear's porridge- they were "just right." And so the start of a new friendship and very happy dachshunds at home in Edmonds~~~ Thanks Kevin for your great customer service plus the warm welcome from your pups. And Kevin gets the final word-he says, "Come see us!"
 Nature's Pet a great pet store by Central Market in Shoreline, 155th and Aurora.
woof~ (we knew Kevin would really not get the last word with dachshunds around!)

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